September 16, 2019

School District of Philadelphia to Receive 150 Guitars from Guitar Center® Music Foundation

After signing a “Declaration of Support” for the Coalition in 2018, Guitar Center® Music Foundation (GCMF) in collaboration with Mitchell guitars has recently fulfilled a  grant of 150 Mitchell guitars to the School District of Philadelphia for use in their Modern Band programs. The grant is valued at more than $20,000. The GCMF also provided a $26,000 in-kind gift of music and arts binders and pencil cases.

GCMF Executive Director Lynn Robison believes partnering with GMEC in support of music education programs throughout the US provides a significant opportunity to accelerate each organization’s mission.

“We see this collaboration as a significant opportunity to breathe new life into quality music education programs and raise awareness about the positive impact these programs have on our nation’s young people,” Robison said.

Since its inception, the GCMF has placed instruments in the hands of over 300,000 persons nationwide through grants to qualifying music education and music therapy programs. The foundation’s mission is to support music education programs nationally by providing those in need with instruments and by advocating the benefits of music education.