August 1, 2019

Philly Music Teachers Tune Up at Modern Band Workshop

Like all musicians, even music teachers need to brush up on their playing skills from time to time. Coalition partner Little Kids Rock, a national music education non profit, prioritizes teacher training in their modern band workshops. The most recent workshop, held at Temple University this spring, focused on developing teachers’ skills on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals and in the hip-hop genre. 

Little Kids Rock presented the workshop in partnership with the Pennsylvania Music Educator Association (PMEA). It’s part of a series of events promoting modern band across Pennsylvania. To date, nearly 200 educators have benefitted. Ten teachers from the School District of Philadelphia attended, along with David Dietz, Fine Arts Education Consultant, PA Dept of Education and Temple University’s Rollo Dilworth, Chair of Music Education and Music Therapy and Professor of Choral Music Education.

Here are some reactions from the teachers who participated:

“This was by far one of the most interactive and exciting workshops I’ve ever attended! It was engaging, exciting and I really had a great time. Such an amazing learning experience!”

“The single best professional development of my entire teaching career. I kept saying that to everyone I spoke to about this training! I would recommend it to anyone!”

“All music teachers need to experience this workshop. It’s the future of music education and it is sorely needed.”

“I was completely energized walking out of the workshop. I used some of the concepts that I learned the very next day in my guitar and piano classes.”