January 30, 2020

Music Workshop Inspires Students Through Innovative Music Education

So many of us in the music education field innately know that music can transform and enhance lives, and it was from a deep desire to improve more young people’s lives that Amy Richter created Music Workshop. She was determined to bring more music education to every K-8 student throughout the world. 

Music Workshop provides a free-of-charge and innovative online K-8 music education program. Any school can access and use the program, regardless of their means, location, or teacher expertise. Richter founded it in 2012, launching in 10 schools in the Portland, Oregon area. In less than a decade since, Music Workshop has exploded into all 50 states and 28 countries, educating almost a million students in nearly 2000 schools.

The Coalition’s Ryan Zellner said, “We are very excited about what Music Workshop is doing across the country.  By providing free resources for all music educators, they are increasing equity and access to music education for all students and teachers around the world.”

We talked to Amy to learn more about what Music Workshop is all about, and how teachers can start using it right away:

What makes Music Workshop unique and innovative?
Amy Richter: Music Workshop allows students to engage with a music program that uniquely weaves together multiple educational disciplines. The overall aim is to inspire students to appreciate the arts, motivate them to play an instrument, and teach them ways to incorporate music into their lives. The courses intentionally expose students to a broad spectrum of music so they become inspired to choose their own musical path. Additionally, the scalability of the program is a great strength. As an open education resource, the program is flexible and designed to complement any music program.

What can a teacher expect from the program?
After filling out a quick online application, teachers have full access to all Music Workshop courses. Our program currently offers 19 courses that highlight facts and examples of music history and appreciation, exploring the world of different instruments, genres, careers in music, and cultures. The courses are teacher-led lessons including a downloadable video, course materials, and supplemental activities. Each course is segmented to allow flexibility and integrates music education with physical, active listening and critical thinking activities. Courses and materials are also segmented by grade level – K-2, 3-5 and 6-8. 

Teachers, check it out!