December 12, 2018

Luis Fonsi: “It’s How I Found My Way”

Luis Fonsi is a singer-songwriter, actor, and 5-time GRAMMY award winner. You may know him best for his smash hit song, Despacito, featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee. Despacito was #1 on the charts for 16 weeks in 2017, and is currently the most-viewed music video on YouTube.

Luis is also a Coalition Artist Ambassador, because he understands intimately the power of music education in public school. In this video he tells the story of being a young boy, uprooted from his home in Puerto Rico to move with his family to Orlando, Florida.

As the new kid in a new culture, fitting in at middle school and high school was not easy. But a very special chorus teacher heard him sing, snatched him out of art class, and may well have changed his life.

Hear him tell the story…