December 17, 2019

Latin America: Coalition Joins 21st-Century Learning Skills Initiative Conference in Panama

The Coalition recently took part in an international conference at the Latin American Parliament in Panama City. Sponsored by the Inter-American Development Banks, the event, called The Future is Now, launched a nearly $35 million investment in education initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. We were thrilled to join several Coalition affiliates, including the Danilo Pérez Foundation and Fonseca’s Fundación Gratitud in Panama.

As a part of the program, Coalition Executive Director Lee Whitmore participated in a music panel for all international attendees, along with our co-founder Berklee College (Krystal Banfield, VP for Education Outreach), and Halo Neuroscience (Dr. Daniel Chao, Founder). The panel was led by IADB’s principal economist, Dr. Suzanne Duryea, and focused on how music learning and education supports the development of critical life skills in young people.