March 15, 2019

Empowering Teachers to Engage Students with Popular Music History and Culture

Attracting young people to music, arts, and culture is all about making the curriculum relevant and exciting. Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation (RRFF) does just that. Using the history of popular music and culture to help K-12 teachers engage students, RRFF creates standards-aligned arts integration curriculum. Teachers can craft full courses or choose a la carte from more than 150 multimedia lesson plans in subject areas such as social studies, language arts, geography, STEAM, general music and more, all for free

RRFF also offers professional development workshops in districts and on the road, as they did in 2018 during Little Steven and the Disciple of Soul’s Teacher Solidarity Tours, where teachers saw the show for free. The Teacher Solidarity Tour provided face-to-face professional development to more than 6,000 teachers. 

Recently, RRFF collaborated with the CNN Soundtracks series to create lesson plans that explore modern history through music, such as this Kendrick Lamar-themed exploration of music and Civil Rights movements. Check it out in action at New York City’s East Side Community High.