May 14, 2019

Army Band Introduces Young People to New Opportunities

Young people at a Boys & Girls Club in Boston recently welcomed the 78th U.S. Army Band for a performance during Army Week. Army Week activities throughout the United States give communities a chance to meet people in the Army and learn about the careers and opportunities the Army Reserve can provide. 

The event introduced young people to members of the Army Band, soldiers who are also students at Berklee College of Music. Many shared their stories about how being part of the Army Band enabled them to achieve their goal of attending Berklee. 

Army Bands make an array of resources available to schools at no cost, including workshops, concerts, and recordings. The Music Education Coalition collaborates with them to hold events like this concert where band members can meet, work, and perform with young people. 

“We hope these kinds of events can serve as an educational tool and also provide an opportunity for some of the young people to discover a new career possibility,” noted Luis Santiago, the Coalition’s Operations Director who also commands the 78th U.S. Army Band. 

The 78th Army Band is one of the premier musical ambassadors for the 99th Readiness Division, United States Army Reserve. It consists of approximately 50 talented musicians from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The band’s mission is to furnish music whenever and wherever assigned, while serving our nation and our community. 

Band members are called upon as Army Reservists to provide entertainment for civic and military ceremonies as well as parades and concerts. They perform a variety of music including classical, concert, marches, patriotic selections, pop, and jazz.