October 1, 2018

Announcing Inaugural Investments in the Nashville and Philadelphia School Systems

The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition is proud to announce our first investments in the Nashville and Philadelphia schools.


The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) is a diverse, rapidly growing school system that enjoys significant community support. For more than a decade, the current and previous mayors have made music education a priority, perhaps not a surprise given Nashville’s nickname as “Music City.”

Initial Investments: Professional Development and Instrument Donations

Our first investments in Nashville have supported teacher professional development, and also facilitated the donation of 200 Cordoba guitars to schools across the district from DisneyPixar and Cordoba.

Future investment: Full-time Teacher Mentor

We have committed to funding a full-time mentor for music teachers in the district. The mentor focus will be on coaching and supporting new teachers in content delivery, classroom management, teaching procedures, and lesson pacing to nurture their success.

Technology Support

And we’ll be supporting the training for teachers in the use of technology and music production. This teacher training will focus on helping students perform and create contemporary music with current technology and production tools.


The School District of Philadelphia brims with support and opportunity for music education. The mayor, city council, and state agencies all support the expansion of music and arts education. We’re thrilled to have formally established our partnership with the District in June of this year.

Initial Investment: Questlove Pocket Kits for Elementary Schools

We’ve made an initial investment to expand percussion education in the School District of Philadelphia by providing funding for the purchase of Questlove Pocket Kits. Questlove, the drummer for The Roots and a son of Philadelphia, has put together complete drum kit packages, instructions, and tutorial videos specifically geared for the needs of elementary aged students. This investment will benefit thousands of young people in district music education programs.

Future Investment: DASH Partnership

We’ve also committed to support “Destined to Achieve Successful Heights” (DASH) in developing a comprehensive music education curriculum focusing on music industry technology, business, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum, which will be standardized and open to more than 1,000 students across the district over the next three years, will also develop innovative thinking and leadership skills. We’re particularly excited that the program will include collaboration and involvement with Philadelphia music industry professionals.

Professional Development Support

And, we’ll be making financial grants to the district that support teacher and administrator participation in music education conferences. We will also cover a portion of the financial costs associated with teachers joining their state music education associations, which provide important resources for expanding teaching skills and making connections with other music educators. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.