May 20, 2019

Music Health Alliance: Healthcare Support for the Music Community

Music Health Alliance (MHA) is a very special organization — a nonprofit that provides access to healthcare services, insurance, financial support, and advocacy for the music community, including staff of the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition. We are just a handful among thousands of music industry people and organizations that MHA serves.

MHA’s story begins in 2006. After a personal health crisis resulting in a six-figure medical bill, MHA’s founder and CEO Tatum Allsep began documenting the music industry’s need for healthcare support with Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Country Music Association.  As music industry profits declined and healthcare companies were reporting record profits, it was clear that something had to be done to support music professionals and their families with healthcare needs. 

In 2013 Music Health Alliance launched as an independent nonprofit. Since then, MHA has helped more than 9,700 music industry professionals and their family members across 38 states. MHA has saved over $40 million in healthcare costs including insurance premium savings, medical bill reductions, and discounted medications.

Its services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for three or more years, or who has credited contributions to four commercially released recordings or videos.

“Any commission we make goes directly into the Jack Pot fund (named in honor of ‘Cowboy’ Jack Clement) to help our clients get access to emergency medical and dental resources,” explains Bonita Allen, MHA’s Director of Advocacy and Group Insurance. “It’s such a great feeling to be able to give something back to the music community every day.”

When the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition was selecting a healthcare policy for our staff, Executive Director Lee Whitmore turned to MHA. In Whitmore’s view, “There was one clear choice: Music Health Alliance. Their staff are passionate and tireless in their advocacy work for all of us in the music industry. The policy options were broad, the advice expert, and most importantly, MHA deposits our policy’s legally mandated brokerage fee directly into a superfund to help musicians with healthcare needs.”

If you’re not in the music industry, please consider a donation. By supporting MHA, you support the entire community.