November 12, 2018

Coalition Joins Forces with NYU and the War on Drugs in Pandora Challenge

Young people in America’s public schools are benefitting from the latest Pandora Challenge, thanks to a joint effort among the Coalition, New York University, Pandora, Real Industry, and The War on Drugs.

In the Pandora Challenge, college students learn how to apply digital music marketing best practices to support a social change initiative. Over the past two months, teams of NYU students created Pandora playlists, competing to reach the widest audience and drive the most engagement and traffic.

Each playlist opened with the students’ creative expressions about the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition’s mission, and linked to the Coalition Website.

Check out one of those messages here:

The Coalition is grateful to Pandora, Real Industry, The War on Drugs, and the very talented NYU students who helped raise awareness for the Coalition. Many congratulations to the winners:

  • Akua Amponsah ’22
  • Elizabeth Croteau ’21
    Music Composition for Songwriting and Production
  • Carmen Lustik ’21
    Music Composition for Film and Multimedia