October 1, 2018

Member Spotlight: Lang Lang International Music Foundation™

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation™ is a GRAMMY Music Education Coalition founding member, established in 2008 by GRAMMY award-winning and innovative Chinese pianist, Lang Lang. As a philanthropist and avid music education supporter and advocate, Lang Lang wants his Foundation to educate, inspire and motivate the next generation of music lovers and performers with fun, engaging, keyboard learning across a range of genres.

Lang Lang actively invests in American Title I schools through its “Keys of Inspiration™” program, which provides underserved schools with electronic digital piano labs outfitted with Roland digital pianos, complete with a curriculum co-developed with The Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. Substantial teacher professional development ensures that the Foundation’s investments in public school music classrooms are successful.

With “Keys of Inspiration”, the Foundation is revolutionizing what music education looks like in public schools from New Bedford, MA, to San Diego, CA, and many cities in between.